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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

As an independent financial advisor, I believe in the power of proper financial planning. Not just for today, but for decades into the future.

My clients entrust me with their most important asset in life - their nest egg. They count on me to help them retire on-time, and with enough money to last a lifetime. By paying close attention to minimizing taxes, and the risk of long-term care eating into retirement, I have been able to instill confidence in the lives of numerous individuals and their families.

As an Ed Slott Master Elite Advisor, I have been specially trained to work with people in areas of retirement that many advisors neglect entirely. While other advisors focus solely on wealth accumulation, I provide comprehensive wealth management and financial planning that is focused on building long-term, protected, income flows in retirement. This not only ensures a healthy retirement, but also helps my clients avoid distribution mistakes, and protects their retirement income streams from major draw-downs.

My number one goal is to help my clients feel safe and secure in all areas of personal wealth. As a fiduciary, my commitment to their best interest is unparalleled. If you are ready to pursue your future financial goals and dreams, contact Rhodes Capital Management today. I would love to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence you and your family deserve.