rhodes capital management consulationAsset Management
Rhodes Capital Management has a proprietary approach designed to outperform benchmarks on a risk adjusted basis.  [Schedule Consultation]

Income Planning
In today’s yield environment, income planning is very difficult. Rhodes Capital Management helps clients provide the income they need, when they need it.  [Schedule Consultation]

Debt Reduction
Rhodes Capital Management uses strategies that use both the equity side, and debt side of clients balance sheet, to drastically improve net worth, while simultaneously reduce long term debt.  [Schedule Consultation]

Wealth Management
Rhodes Capital Management takes a comprehensive view of the clients financial picture, walks the client through the planning process, to meet their unique financial goals.  [Schedule Consultation]

Estate Planning

Rhodes Capital Management assist clients in comprehensive estate planning, helping clients transfer their estate to their heirs in the most tax advantaged way.  [Schedule Consultation]

Retirement Services
I work with businesses to design a Retirement Plan that meets the needs of it’s owners and employees. In the design, I will show them the most cost effective ways in terms of design, along with the lowest cost investment investment options, like Exchange Traded Funds within the plan.