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Apr 07

The Market Today 4/7/16: Volatile


Volatile No question today was a difficult day. The last three of four day’s have traded lower. Before today, yesterday’s trade made up the gain’s from the previous two down day’s. Today certainly had a different tone. Financial stocks were absolutely buried today. They traded just like they did in January and February. Financial’s are …

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Feb 15

The Market Today 2/11/16: Cautious


Cautious Last year was one of the most frustrating years in investing that I have had in my 23 years in the business. So far, in 2016, it hasn’t been any better! January was extraordinarily brutal, and February has not been a picnic. As we stand as of today’s close, there is some optimism. Before …

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Jan 23

The Market Today 1/22/16: Bounce


Bounce This has been the worst January on record! We finally saw buyers come in in the later half of this week. As I have mentioned before, the 1,820 level was key support. I sent a video email to clients letting them know this was the key level to the downside. On Wednesday, it broke …

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Jan 09

The Market Today 1/8/16: Crash


Crash This weeks sell off sure feel’s like a crash, doesn’t it? No doubt, this weeks 6% draw down was a bitter pill to swallow. It has the appearance that all hope is lost, and the stock market will never move up again! For a few brief fleeting moments, I had those thoughts also. Once …

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Jan 05

The Market Today 1/5/16: China


China Happy New Year!!! The market certainly has not started on the right foot! Starting Sunday night, the futures were positive at the start, then news from China surfaced, that they opened down 3%! It got worse, trading curbs kicked in, and the Chinese market closed down 7% before the shut trading for good well before …

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Dec 14

The Market Today 12/14/15: Posturing


Posturing The last week and a half have not been good for the markets. I believe this is and understatement! The market was trying to push it’s way back above the 2.100 level, before this retreat began. The question I am being asked everyday, is why is this happening? What is behind the violent selling? …

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Nov 08

The Market Today: 11/6/15


Rates Today was certainly an interesting day in the markets. We started the day with the release of the employment numbers from the Department of Labor. The expectations were for an increase of 183,000 jobs. Every Economist out there was right around that number. The increase of 271,000 came as quite a shock to everyone! …

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Oct 28

The Market Today 10/28/15: Bullish


Bullish The market has certainly played to it’s seasonal tendancies. During the traditional weakest time of the year, which is the third quarter from July through September, the market sold off strong. The market’s traditional strongest bullish period, is from October through January. This month has been extremely strong, since it bottomed on September 29th. …

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Aug 21

The Market Today 8/21/15: Panic


Panic What a week this was! A week ago today, everything was great. Market was near the highs, shrugging off Greece, and China. The news of a slow down in China’s economy are ramping up, and finally having an effect on our markets. The selling that we have seen over the last three day’s, has …

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Aug 09

The Market Today 8/7/15: Correction


Correction Over the last few week’s, the market has been weak. The question that my client’s have been asking, are we in a correction? Right now, it is still too early to say. It sure has the feeling of one. the majority of stocks have been moving lower. The amount of stocks hitting 52 week …

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